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Health Union Acquires WEGO Health

Health Union has acquired WEGO Health, now making the company “the largest team of experts, patient advocates and healthcare leaders, reaching scale that has never before been achieved in social health,” stated the press announcement. The combined forces allows them to connect with all patients, covering the spectrum from those “who passively seek information to patient advocates and influencers who actively share health information on multiple social media platforms.” This move also will allow for cohesive, expanded opportunities among online health communities.

Olivier Chateau, co-founder and CEO of Health Union, noted how the two companies’ “have been committed to advocating for patients, in complementary ways.” Jack Barrette, CEO and founder of WEGO Health, echoed that sentiment in a web video featuring the two team leads, commenting how “both of our companies have been about patient empowerment and activation – the same mission, coming at it from different angles with different, complementary ideas of how to get there.”

Barrette will serve on Health Union’s executive leadership team, while the rest of the WEGO Health team joins Health Union as well. WEGO Health’s offerings will be known as Health Union WEGO. Health Union creates condition-specific online communities for chronic health conditions, currently running 33 of them with more launching in the near future. WEGO Health is the largest network of patient leaders, including advocates, community leaders, creators, and influencers.

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