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Type 2 Diabetes Patients Need More Disease Management Support—How Can Pharma Help?

Image Source: Shutterstock Many Type 2 diabetes patients worry about their disease, leading to a significant impact on their mental health—especially for younger diabetics. However, those concerns present fresh opportunities for pharma companies to ultimately improve outcomes for Type 2 diabetes patients by offering them the support tools and resources they most want. Diabetes has […]

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How Privacy-Safe Health Data Will Transform Digital Marketing in Pharma

Image Source: Shutterstock The last decade saw an explosion of health data from sources including the digitization of health records, genomics, wearables, insurance claims, and more – which by some estimates now represents about 30% of the world’s data volume. When combined with the power of machine learning, this data has the potential to reveal […]

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How Can Pharma Win LGBTQ+ Patients’ Trust? 

Image Source: Shutterstock The LGBTQ+ community encompasses a wide range of patients across all races, ethnicities and gender identities. However, when seeking healthcare resources and support, many of these patients feel underrepresented and mistrustful of pharma advertising, new data shows.   Less than half (44%) of LGBTQ+ patients feel that pharma ads reflect their experience […]

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Reaching Rural Patients: How Pharma Marketers Can Best Engage Online

Image Source: Shutterstock While the notion has long prevailed that rural Americans live in the “digital dark,” new data suggests that rural patients are actually online just as much as their urban counterparts. And, thanks in part to widespread smartphone and data-plan usage, pharma marketers can now reach all patients—no matter their geographic location—more easily […]

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Lung cancer screening awareness is low. How can the industry get the word out?

Certain cancer screening types, including mammograms and colonoscopies, are well-known among patients. But lung cancer screening isn’t one of them—and even high-risk patients aren’t getting the message. More than half of current smokers—54%—know little or nothing about lung-cancer screening, according to recent data from Phreesia Life Sciences, which surveyed more than 14,000 current and former smokers […]

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Relationship Marketing in Rare Disease

From a revenue perspective, there may be no industry that benefits from relationship marketing more than healthcare. And for rare disease’s patient/caregiver activations, it’s especially critical. Relationship marketing does what it says on the tin: it refers to any practice that extends the relationship between a brand and its target market, nurturing toward conversion (and […]

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2019 Top 25 HoF Awards

2022 Class of Top 25 DTC Marketers of the Year Named

DTC Perspectives, the leading forum for direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising thought leaders names its 21st Annual list of the “Top 25 DTC Marketers of the Year.” This year’s class will be honored during a ceremony dinner on the evening of April 20th sponsored by PatientPoint, at the 2022 DTC National (part of the Xpectives.Health Summit taking […]

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2022 DTC National Ad Awards

2022 DTC Advertising Awards Finalists Announced

DTC Perspectives, the leading forum for direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising thought leaders, honors a dynamic group of pharmaceutical companies and brands at the much-anticipated DTC National Advertising Awards. The awards are a part of the annual DTC National Conference, on April 20-21; all events are a part of the Xpectives.Health Summit in Boston. Sponsored by Phreesia, the […]

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