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Populus Media Expands Reach into Virtual Patient Acquisition through its Custom Connect Platform; Introduces PatientAccess Media

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Populus Media, the leader in virtual care media solutions, today announced the positioning of its Custom Connect service as the first virtual patient acquisition platform, allowing pharmaceutical companies to realize immediate script lift ROI from their existing digital media campaigns.

The company’s Custom Connect platform allows pharmaceutical brands to immediately realize revenue through prescriptions by leveraging their existing digital media platforms and connecting patients with physicians at the click of a banner or other call to action.

The ability to eliminate the guesswork required to drive a patient from a media asset to an HCP is transformative in the industry and drastically reduces the amount of effort and budget required to drive that conversation and it dramatically increases ROI.

“It’s important that companies have realized that Custom Connect is about direct virtual patient acquisition and that it’s not a media campaign” said Howard Seidman, the company’s COO. “We are providing a vehicle to connect an interested consumer directly from a digital ad or part of an existing media buy to an HCP for a consult and prescription. No one else in the market is doing this at scale.”

Populus Media has demonstrated significant success with their clients, who have case studies showing that up to 75% of patients who click on an ad become qualified for the consult, and the majority of those patients have been prescribed the client medication when medically appropriate.

Populus has seen tremendous growth over the past 12 months, working with over 36  clients such as Evofem Biosciences and Bausch Health. Populus made history as the first company to provide media buying opportunities within the telehealth consultation environment. Custom Connect takes their leadership in the telehealth media industry one step further by connecting patients directly to prescriptions for branded pharma products.

The company has also announced that its other existing media offerings are being enhanced through a new offering called PatientAccess, which follows the patient post consult and ensures media views through follow-up communications with patients.


About Populus Media

Populus Media, Inc. was formed in 2019 and is based in New York City. Populus is positioned as the first virtual media and patient acquisition company specifically built for the virtual care industry. Populus curates a deep archive of condition-specific content for timely delivery to patients before and after their virtual care visit alongside its partnership with HealthiNation, a GoodRx company. It also offers digital patient acquisition tools via its Custom Connect platform.

Media Contact: Matt Adler


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