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PoC3 Updates Verification & Validation Guidance, Issues Certifications to Five Companies

The Point of Care Communication Council, PoC3, updated its official guidance regarding Verification and Validation. The 2021 guidance provides three major changes: the expansion of network audits to include a company’s asset management system’s internal control and procedures;the volume of campaign audits required for certification will be based on annual campaign volume (not individual campaign […]

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Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Final Efficacy Analysis from Phase 3 Study of their COVID Vaccine Candidate

Early this morning, Pfizer and BioNTech issued a news release stating that the Phase 3 study of their MRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine met all primary efficacy endpoints. “Analysis of the data indicates a vaccine efficacy rate of 95% (p<0.0001) in participants without prior SARS-CoV-2 infection (first primary objective) and also in participants with and without prior […]

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Three Things That Make Your Brand Patient Ready

Sponsored Content There’s a lot of brand managers who prioritize patient engagement, but not many who really understand how patient ready their brand is. Let’s try and clarify what that means. These days, brand marketers widely acknowledge how important it is to have a plan for engaging their patient communities. However, drawing up such a […]

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5th Wave of COVID Tracking Research Released by Phreesia, Harvard, & Commonwealth Fund

In mid-October, the latest wave of research tracking COVID’s impact on outpatient visits was published by Commonwealth Fund, Harvard, and Phreesia. The latest data found that overall outpatient care visits in the prior month have finally returned to prepandemic levels, after dropping nearly 60% during the spring. (This fifth wave data set tracked trends through […]

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Achieving Results Amid a Pandemic

As a marketing channel, the pharmacy turned challenges into opportunities for Rx brands Pharmacies stepped up to help consumers through the public health crisis. And consumers responded by stepping into pharmacies. That dynamic has been an important part of getting many communities through an unprecedented challenge. And it has also helped pharma marketers reach patients […]

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Hypertargeting: 5 Things You Need to Know

Hypertargeting brings pharma marketers closer to the defined patient populations we all want to reach at the moments that matter for consumers and patients. It’s making it easier for us to address health interests, concerns, and questions with specific guidance and timely insights. We can speak to patients at actionable decision points rather than spending […]

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A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes: Pharmacists

Sponsored Content Pharmacists are getting increased recognition as they continue to serve on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic. They are innovating quickly to offer accessible healthcare, counseling, and COVID-19 resources to their local communities. Local pharmacists see more patients on a daily basis than any other healthcare provider, and that’s particularly true in the […]

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Creative Critique

When choosing a theme for this critique, I first thought about discussing the Cannes Health winners of 2020. But then, we all know what happened this year. This is the year we were all forced to rethink the role of creativity. More to the point, this unprecedented pandemic has shined a light on a long-time […]

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One-on-One with Phreesia’s David Linetsky

Sponsored Content In this interview, DTC Perspectives’ Chairman, Bob Ehrlich, and Phreesia’s SVP of Life Sciences, David Linetsky, discuss how the patient experience has evolved rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as providers leverage digital patient intake solutions to enable safer contactless workflows. They will also explore the importance of aligning with platforms that are […]

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