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Populus Media Expands Reach into Virtual Patient Acquisition through its Custom Connect Platform; Introduces PatientAccess Media

Sponsored Content Populus Media, the leader in virtual care media solutions, today announced the positioning of its Custom Connect service as the first virtual patient acquisition platform, allowing pharmaceutical companies to realize immediate script lift ROI from their existing digital media campaigns. The company’s Custom Connect platform allows pharmaceutical brands to immediately realize revenue through […]

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Health Union Acquires WEGO Health

Health Union has acquired WEGO Health, now making the company “the largest team of experts, patient advocates and healthcare leaders, reaching scale that has never before been achieved in social health,” stated the press announcement. The combined forces allows them to connect with all patients, covering the spectrum from those “who passively seek information to […]

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Immunization Rates Drop Among Teens & Adults During Pandemic, Finds GSK-Commissioned Analysis

A claims-based analysis found that 26 million doses of CDC-recommended vaccines were missed in 2020. The report, commissioned by GSK and conducted by Avalere Health, an Inovalon Company, investigated claims from commercial, managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare fee-for-service Part B from January through November 2020. When compared to the same time frame for 2019, […]

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Major Players in Tech are Moving into Healthcare: What Does This Mean for the Industry?

The term “healthcare” used to be reserved for working with the professionals: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others with the training to potentially deliver vital treatments and help improve patients’ lives. In quick fashion, several headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic have affected how we define what healthcare really means. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and even Uber […]

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The Right Reach Inspiring Influencers Mixing Tactile and Digital Exposure Methods-02

Digital Marketing: The Right Reach, Inspiring Influencers, and Mixing Tactile and Digital Exposure Methods.

Sponsored Content Today, digital marketing has carved out a place for itself in virtually every business sector, including healthcare. This omnipresent technology is constantly evolving and presenting users with new capabilities through improved reach and retargeting capabilities. It’s a technology with countless proven uses, yet it still leaves many people wondering—what will be next? Over […]

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Vaccinate Your Family, Merck Launch ‘Don’t Skip’ Public Health Campaign

It was announced recently that Vaccinate Your Family and Merck would be teaming up to launch a new public health campaign, Don’t Skip, to encourage people to keep up-to-date on all recommended vaccines. According to Merck’s news release, the PSA features actress, activist, and author Gabrielle Union-Wade alongside her husband, retired NBA all-star champion Dwyane […]

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InStep Health Speaks to Beet.TV about Teaming with DeepIntent to Reach Patient Subsets

As medications target more niche audiences, it can be difficult for pharmaceutical marketers to reach their sought-after sub-populations from the greater patient pool. Dan Wilmer, Chief Product Officer of InStep Health, detailed in an interview, shared yesterday, how partnering with DeepIntent allowed them to utilize cutting-edge data-driven capabilities for a multichannel brand campaign: “What [our […]

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Ad Council, Phreesia Partnership Brings Added Awareness to Alzheimer’s

The Ad Council’s continued awareness campaign with the Alzheimer’s Association is being brought directly to patients and caregivers via a campaign extension partnership with Phreesia. According to the news release, in the 10 weeks post-campaign launch, “over half the people who engaged with the campaign as they checked in for a healthcare visit on Phreesia’s […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign Launched by PatientPoint

A multidimensional COVID-19 awareness and education campaign was unveiled this month by PatientPoint, the first project under the newly-merged PatientPoint and Outcome Health. In addition to educating about the COVID-19 vaccines, the campaign will also target vaccine-hesitant groups, including Black and Hispanic communities. According to the news release, “[t]he campaign’s marquee segment, What Happens Next?, represents a collaboration […]

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