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Phreesia, Harvard Research Update Discusses POC Adaptations to ‘New Normal’

In the latest research update from the Commonwealth Fund, Harvard University, and Phreesia, analysts investigated how office visits have adapted to a “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings revealed a “‘cumulative deficit’ in visits over the last three months (March 15-June 20) is nearly 40 percent,” with the greatest decline being in states that […]

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Pharma’s Comeback in the Wake of a Pandemic

Vilifying the pharmaceutical industry has long been considered an acceptable public sport. The criticisms have been wide-ranging and near universal at times, with both sides of the political aisle taking their shots. Hollywood movies feed into and perpetuate the systemic belief that Big Pharma comprises evil executives hell-bent on taking advantage of the American consumer-patient. […]

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Rx EDGE now InStep Health

Rx EDGE® Media Network Announces Formation of New Company

Rx EDGE® Media Network (part of LeveragePoint Media), a healthcare marketing company that supports pharma marketers in reaching consumers, announces the formation of a new company, InStep Health. InStep Health provides expanded services and product offerings to better support healthcare providers and consumers. With its recent acquisition of Brandperx, InStep Health has added to its […]

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How GumGum Advertising Is Helping Slow Covid-19

Ben Plomion, Chief Growth Officer Sponsored Content Though COVID-19 and its swift and pervasive impact on daily life have cast our present in a shadow of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: We’re in this together.  Overcoming the challenge to our immediate and enduring well-being is taking a combined effort––not just from hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, […]

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The Doctor Is In: Evolving Patient Care

When the world changed due to COVID-19, we adapted. With a firm digital backbone in place, as a whole we migrated to a true digital-first mindset. The coronavirus pandemic has essentially taught us how to conduct our lives online through working, educating, monitoring our health, socializing, banking, shopping, and more. We have seen the advent […]

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Social media networks tree

Back to the Future: The Post-Cookies Fate of Pharma Digital Measurement

The impending death of the third-party cookie has understandably received a lot of attention from marketers, media agencies and measurement companies – particularly in the pharma industry. Cookies – those little pieces of information left by websites and saved on browsers, allowing marketers to track online behavior and browsing history – have formed the backbone […]

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Psychology and Technology: An Essential Mix in Digital and Social Media Pharma Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg said, “Think about what people are doing on Facebook today… they’re building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to.” This is the exact strategy that pharma marketers should follow to ensure success with digital and social […]

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Phreesia, Harvard Team Up to Study COVID-19 Impacts

In mid-May, the Commonweath Fund, Harvard University, and Phreesia collaborated to publish findings of COVID-19 impacts on outpatient visits and telehealth; this provides an update to an earlier April publication. From mid-February to mid-May, data from more than 50,000 providers from Phreesia’s client base and more than 12 million visits was analyzed. According to the […]

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CVS, UPS Team Up for Rx Drone Deliveries

UPS and CVS Health Corporation announced this week that they will deploy the use of drones to deliver prescription medicines to The Villages in Florida, the largest retirement community in the US. In the news release, Scott Price, UPS chief strategy and transformation officer stated: “Our new drone delivery service will help CVS provide safe […]

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