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Vaccinate Your Family, Merck Launch ‘Don’t Skip’ Public Health Campaign

It was announced recently that Vaccinate Your Family and Merck would be teaming up to launch a new public health campaign, Don’t Skip, to encourage people to keep up-to-date on all recommended vaccines. According to Merck’s news release, the PSA features actress, activist, and author Gabrielle Union-Wade alongside her husband, retired NBA all-star champion Dwyane Wade, and their family “during moments that reflect some of the realities of life during the pandemic, along with an important message: it’s okay to skip some things right now, but a visit to the doctor isn’t one of them.” With many patients postponing healthcare visits during the pandemic, the campaign seeks to bring awareness to the “potentially serious implications to national public health” and the importance of keeping up with vaccinations.

“The health and wellness of my family is my number one priority. Like so many other families, we’ve had to make some adjustments over the past year. But for us, we did not skip our kids’ well-visits and recommended vaccines,” said Union-Wade [in the news release]. “If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that public health matters and we all can do our part to help protect our families and each other. That’s why I’m encouraging parents to talk to their kid’s doctors now about getting back into the office to stay up to date with their kid’s recommended vaccinations.”

The timing of the campaign plans to take advantage of the reopening of many venues in time for summer as well as the return of doctor’s office visits, before the return to the school year in the fall. Don’t Skip features a 30-second spot and website, which focus on catching up on any missed visits or vaccinations during the pandemic, staying current on recommend vaccinations, as well as an overall return to routine healthcare and wellness visits.

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