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COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign Launched by PatientPoint

A multidimensional COVID-19 awareness and education campaign was unveiled this month by PatientPoint, the first project under the newly-merged PatientPoint and Outcome Health. In addition to educating about the COVID-19 vaccines, the campaign will also target vaccine-hesitant groups, including Black and Hispanic communities. According to the news release, “[t]he campaign’s marquee segment, What Happens Next?represents a collaboration between PatientPoint and the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative’s national ‘It’s Up To You’ COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative.”

The PatientPoint campaign, which will also include ‘It’s Up To You’ assets, utilizes video and original educational content via waiting room screens and exam room touchscreens. To help engage with vaccine-hesitant populations, the news announcement shared that “[c]ampaign content was informed by the research and creative strategy behind ‘It’s Up To You’ and conversations with Black and Hispanic healthcare leaders including James Thompson, MD; Raymond G. Jacinto, PA-C; and Suzette McKinney, DrPH,MPH, all of whom are featured voices across campaign content appearing in doctor’s offices nationwide.”

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