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CDC Launches ‘Under the Paper Gown’ Web Series, Partners with Comedian Amber Ruffin

To encourage women to take an active role and have more open conversations with their gynecologists, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a new web series, Under the Paper Gown. The six episode series will feature comedian Amber Ruffin and her sister Lacey Lamar, showcasing Amber’s growth “as she gains the knowledge and confidence to speak openly with her OBGYN,” as per the news announcement.

Leveraging Ruffin’s relatability and comedic star power, the campaign uses levity to help women overcome the awkwardness many may feel when it comes to gynecological health. The agency behind the work, Ogilvy DC, transforms the paper gown into a “symbol of strength and confidence” for women everywhere.

As stated in the news release, “Libby Dwyer, Group Strategy Director for Ogilvy DC, said: ‘Feeling awkward and uncomfortable, even at the best of OGBYN checkups, keeps women from speaking openly about their health.  We found that if we can lean into laughter as an antidote to awkwardness, and put more women at ease about understanding their health, we can unlock more positivity and conversations about gynecological health.'”

Click here to view the full web series, Under the Paper Gown.

Amber Ruffin (right) with her sister Lacey Lamar as seen in a still from the web series.
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