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‘In These Rooms’ Campaign Transforms Point of Care to Moments of Care

The custom campaign, In These Rooms, launched this month to help transform the point of care space to a more empathetic “moments of care” image. Created by Outcome Health, a 90-second video was released which portrayed life-changing moments that patients and caregivers experience in waiting rooms and exam rooms. According to a news release, In These Rooms depicts “raw, authentic emotion” to create a shift in mindset when it comes to healthcare content in these locations and channels. The long-form video will be complemented by shorter spots – distributed via selected healthcare trade support – as well as a social media campaign.

To provide a well-rounded representation of potential patient and caregiver experiences with their healthcare professionals, the creative includes: “a waiting room, a pediatrician visit for an asthma check-up, an OB-GYN ultrasound room to hear a baby’s first heartbeat, a standard exam room for a long-overdue physical, and a doctor’s office to learn about treatment results.”

Matt McNally, CEO of Outcome Health and DTC Innovator honoree, stated in the news release: “In These Rooms challenges all pharma marketers and their agency partners to think differently about point of care and is the first step in our commitment to the ongoing understanding of the needs in this space. Today, we call on our industry to create content and experiences that wrap patients with empathy, education and support at the ‘moments of care’ when they are most vulnerable and need it most.”

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