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Latest Intouch, DHC eBook Chapter Looks at Future of AI in Healthcare

According to the fifth and final chapter of the eBook, Modern Pharma Marketing: Pharma’s Data-Powered AI Revolution, the authors from Intouch Solutions and Digital Health Coalition (DHC) look ahead to 2023. They note “[w]e believe that AI today is analogous to the ‘e’ revolution of the 1990s. By 2023, we won’t be talking about AI-powered solutions – the same way that we eventually stopped talking about ‘e-business.’ Terms that specify a technology’s inclusion stop being used when the technology becomes an assumed part of life.

“So: must you run out and create an AI project today to keep up appearances? Absolutely not. But AI is going to become a fundamental part of modern pharma marketing in fairly short order. This will happen in both blatant and subtle ways – from specific AI tools, to behind-the-scenes use of AI technology.” Among their predictions are: how AI will be used to help us better collect, analyze, and manage data; the gradual implementation of technology into our everyday lives, including providing us with better predictions or doing more with less instruction.”

Mark Bard, DHC co-founder, was quoted for the chapter: “AI is becoming part of the healthcare delivery system at every step. In a world where AI powers clinical decisions by providers and payers, the rules of engagement – and influence – evolve. Pharma and medical device companies must become conversant with the technology and algorithms to understand where they stand and how to optimize the role of products within the new world of data-driven medicine.”

Click here to read the latest and final chapter.

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