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MP Global Products Introduces Foam-free Packaging for Shipment of Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

MP Global products, an environmentally-friendly flooring and packaging company, is proud to advertise that they “were green before it was even fashionable”. In early February, the Thermal Packaging Products division introduced a line of insulated cotton packaging used for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and consumer products. In addition to being completely biodegradable, the recycled cotton fibers also contain an antimicrobial additive for cross-contamination prevention, and are super-absorbent to contain possible spills. These liners have far more features than traditional foam packaging, all while being eco-conscious. With the “go green” trend stronger than ever, MP Global may have just struck gold.

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Lily Stauffer
Editorial Associate
Lily Stauffer serves as an Editorial Associate for DTC Perspectives. She is currently a senior at Saint Joseph's University, studying Pharmaceutical Marketing and Spanish.
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