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eBook Shares Industry Insights on AI

The latest chapter in the ebook, Modern Marketing: Pharma’s Data-Powered AI Revolution, was released this Tuesday by Intouch Solutions and Digital Health Coalition. Chapter 4, Ask the Experts: The Pharma POV, revealed that “there are significant shifts away from AI being ‘not an issue today’ to ‘becoming very important’ in 2019” as 38% of respondents ranked AI as “very important” for 2019 (vs 25% for 2018). Perhaps more tellingly, just a mere “8% of pharma executives rank AI as having very low importance for 2019 – down from 21% in 2018.”

The surveys conducted found that while pharma is still learning about AI and all it has to offer, some are already using AI for marketing (26%) or plans to use it are underway (30%). As the ebook noted, while companies would logically not chase every fad technology, “the greatest potential driver of future (or continued) investment in AI is … better customer insight.” Of the pharma executives surveyed, 17% are already reported a measurable value regarding better customer insights. “Beyond that, the second area is automating routine business processes (14%), following by increased efficiency (8%), and improving customer satisfaction (8%).”

Click here to access a copy of the ebook, which shares additional survey results, insights, and interviews with industry KOLs.

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