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Viva Vivus!

Viva Vivus! “Weight loss drugs will be an ideal DTC category.” -Bob Ehrlich Finally FDA has approved Vivus obesity drug Qsymia, formerly known as Qnexa. FDA required the name change to avoid confusion with other drugs. This drug will be a blockbuster for obvious reasons. Americans have shown no success in losing and keeping weight […]

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Heath Care Mandate

Heath Care Mandate “The ACA will be implemented and we will learn to deal with it.” -Bob Ehrlich A Supreme Surprise? Ok. Let’s digest the Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also lovingly known as Obamacare. Is this good news or bad news? Let me be totally non-ideological here. We need a better […]

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500 “I probably have another 500 columns to write…” -Bob Ehrlich  500! This is my 500th column. It is good to see DTC is still here and thriving or else writing new columns would be difficult. While many in Congress and several noted consumerists wish DTC was banned it is clear now that the right […]

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Diabetes Nation

Diabetes Nation “This crisis is … the most obvious threat to our national security. -Bob Ehrlich America will become plagued by massive incidence of diabetes according to The Institute of Alternate Futures. By 2025 they predict 53.1 million people will have diabetes. That is a 64% increase from 2010. It does not matter what system […]

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