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Marvel creates superheroes suffering from bowel disease for Takeda campaign

Pharma marketers and advertisers are posed daily with the challenge of portraying information about conditions that people do not talk about publically. In an attempt to unveil such conditions, Takeda launched “IBD Unmasked”, a global campaign aiming to raise awareness of IBD, a condition that affects five million people globally. The company are the first in the pharmaceutical space to partner with Marvel Custom Solutions, having super heroes portray patients suffering from IBD.

The campaign was launched initially in July, however the first chapter of the comic book became available last week at London’s Comic Con. One of the primary characters in the book, Samarium, is a young US research scientist who suffers from ulcerative colitis, but possesses super strength, speed and agility.samarium

Head of global product and pipeline communication, Elissa Johnsen was quoted saying “At Takeda we believe that IBD Unmasked will continue to celebrate the strength that real life IBD superheroes exhibit every day and go on to spark powerful conversations, transform perceptions, and ultimately improve understanding of the impact of these diseases”.

To read more about this creative campaign from MM&M, click here.

Lily Stauffer
Editorial Associate
Lily Stauffer serves as an Editorial Associate for DTC Perspectives. She is currently a senior at Saint Joseph's University, studying Pharmaceutical Marketing and Spanish.
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