Mari D Gonzalez 2014

Your Spanish-Speaking Patient: Low Context vs High Context Communication in the Doctor’s Office

By Mari D. González of UC Berkeley Extension As a professional medical interpreter and a cross-cultural communication consultant, I find cultural contexts the most challenging and fascinating aspect of translating between Spanish-dominant patients and English-dominant doctors during medical interpreting assignments. One of the basic tenets in cross-cultural communication is the influence of our personal and [...]

Healthcare Opportunities in the LGBT Market

By Tom Roth of Community Marketing     A spectrum of industries have explored opportunities in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) market, are implementing plans, and yielding return on investment. Estimates at 4-5% of the adult population, and roughly $800 billion in spending power in the U.S. make LGBTs an attractive market to [...]

Multicultural Health Marketing Awards

DTC Perspectives Names Outstanding Multicultural Health Marketers and Announces Multicultural Health Marketing Award Finalists

Dual Award Programs to Recognize the Industry’s Best Marketing and Influencers The leading publishing, conference, and consulting company specializing in the area of consumer marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products will recognize the top advertising creative and marketers in the multicultural health marketing industry.  As part of the third annual Multicultural Health (MCH) National conference, [...]

Eric Talbot, Univision

Get on the Total Market Strategy Bus

By Eric Talbot of Univision For some, the changing demographics of their customer base has felt like being hit by a speeding bus coming out of nowhere. In reality, the changes have been more like a bus slowly approaching through rush hour traffic. If you are not already on board that bus, you only have [...]