Bob Ehrlich

Introducing DTC in Focus

We have evaluated our DTC Perspectives Magazine quarterly publication and decided to change it. These changes reflect the realities of our readers’ desire for online access and speed of information. It also reflects a decline in customers wanting to advertise in a print publication. We therefore reluctantly have to publish less frequently going forward. We [...]

Medical Wearables

Points of Caring in the Modern World: How Pharma Can Support the HCP/Patient Relationship, In and Out of the Office

By Kim Bishop, Vice President of Client Services, Intouch Solutions Health care professionals (HCPs) sometimes dismiss pharmaceutical companies as a free-sample delivery service. But smart companies contradict this stereotype, building value with HCPs and patients that are much more than brochures and detailing visits. Pharmaceutical companies’ decades – sometimes, centuries – of understanding health care [...]

Health Economic Conversations Enter the Physician-Patient Relationship

By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of THINK-Health & Health Populi “In the New Health Economy, ‘patients’ will be ‘consumers’ first, with both the freedom and responsibility that come with making more decisions and spending their own money,” PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI) described. US consumers are already spending nearly $3 trillion (with a capital “T”) on products and [...]

Wynn Hunter

Daring to Be “Obnoxious”: Illuminating the Stigma of Discussing Health Care Costs During Clinic Visits

By Wynn Hunter and Peter Ubel of Duke University Meet ‘Sandy’, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who lives a full and active life. She spends her days providing daycare for her granddaughter, helping her husband manage his medical issues, attending bible study, and even shoveling her 150-foot driveway on snowy days. In the midst [...]