Why Pharma Patient Adherence Programs Fail

By Robert Nauman of BioPharma Advisors In last month’s edition of the DTC Perspectives’ DTC in Focus newsletter, we discussed patient engagement and provided prescriptive thoughts on maintaining and even increasing patient commitment. This month, we take that thought one-step further (as well as, adhere to this month’s theme) and focus on patient adherence. The [...]

Get Hooked – Making Engagement a Habit

By Amrita Bhowmick, MPH, MBA of Health Union, LLC We know that the formation of healthy lifestyle habits is critical to overall health. However, adherence to exercise programs, medication regimens, or dietary changes can be challenging. So how do we help patients develop habits to improve their overall health? Habits are defined actions employed without [...]

Adherence and the Authentic Truth

By John Nelson of Evoke Health After a patient initiates treatment, the real selling-process begins. More than ever, patients are approaching Rx-trialing with a heavy dose of skepticism. It’s understandable. Oftentimes, long-term treatment is thrust upon patients without time to get comfortable. And sometimes, those patients have healthy fears over side effects. On the other [...]

How Contact Centers Leverage Live Patient Interactions to Drive Adherence

By Amanda Rhodes, M.P.H. of McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions As the new model of healthcare delivery takes shape, the spending burden for care continues to shift to the patient, giving them more control over their care. As a result, patients are more informed and have access to more healthcare decision-making tools than ever before. However, [...]