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Winning Over Pharma Communication Challenges

Social Media, Risk, Cross-Functional and Strategy   Renowned author and literary critic Lawrence Clark Powell said, “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” The idealism inherent in this statement is inspirational for the pharmaceutical industry when overcoming communication challenges. Barriers are eliminated through insightful interpretation of the written word, verbalization of […]

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Print: Alive and Well at the Point of Care

  Concerned smartphones will eliminate the print industry? Remember 20 years ago when the same thing was said about the internet? Or years before that when television spelled the demise of print or even further back, the radio? It seems like every new technology results in projections about the end of print. Apparently, someone forgot […]

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Patient Trust Begins in the Exam Room

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve been to the doctor at least once in your adult life. So you can probably relate to this: You’re sitting on the exam room table in your physician’s office.  In your head, there’s a lengthy list of questions related to the reason for your visit – an aching […]

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Handling Adverse Events on Social Media

By developing and implementing solutions for handling adverse events in social media, your company has the opportunity to leverage key information from the largest focus group in the world. In my previous column, I discussed how social media can be viewed as a “perpetual focus group.” The sheer and ever-expanding volume of these conversations represent a […]

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2016 DTCN Ad Awards Winners

The leading forum for direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising thought leaders honored a dynamic group of pharmaceutical companies and brands at the much-anticipated DTC National Advertising Awards.  The awards were part of the 16th Annual DTC National Conference to be held April 19-21 in Boston.  Sponsored by Health Monitor Network, the 2016 Advertising Awards showcase the best […]

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