It Takes a Village: Inciting Call to Action with Disease Prevention Outreach Programs Through Theoretical Foundation

By Linda J. DiPersio In her 1996 book It Takes a Village, current presidential candidate and former United States Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton detailed her view that multiple determinants, such as community involvement, cultural/environmental influences and social interactions, contribute to how a child is raised. Similarly, inciting a consumer [...]

What’s the Role of Disease Awareness in Search?

By Oliver J. Nelson of Underscore Marketing LLC Most pharmaceutical marketers understand the importance of including search marketing in their media plans. Often the champion of the final click, a good paid search campaign contributes to the overall success of any advertising effort and connects your brand to active seekers within the marketplace. Unfortunately, advertisers [...]

Driving Disease Awareness, 1 Month at a Time

By Elizabeth Elfenbein of The CementBloc It’s pretty much impossible to count how many people in the world are afflicted with disease; there are simply too many diseases and too many people to count. And if you count the loved ones of those with diseases, then it’s safe to say that virtually everyone is affected [...]

Our Mission: Breaking the Cycle

By Ryan LeMonier of Remedy Health Media Diabetes. Heart Disease. Obesity. These are three preventable conditions that millions of Americans are living with today. Is misinformation or lack of information the cause? Are they educated but lack motivation to take necessary precautions? Each day people make numerous decisions that have a tremendous impact on their [...]