Multicultural Health Marketing Awards

Announcing the 2014 Multicultural Health National Awards Programs

The Multicultural Health Marketing Conference, at the Melia Hotel in Atlanta, GA from October 15-17, is opening up submissions for its two awards programs. Outstanding Multicultural Marketers Awards The first ever Outstanding Multicultural Marketers Awards will be given out to recognize extraordinary health marketers who drive innovation and work towards better patient health outcomes among [...]

Bob Ehrlich, CEO, DTC Perspectives

DTC in Perspective: FDA New Guidance

The FDA is slowly trying to deal with Internet reality with two new guidance documents. One guidance is an attempt to deal with what happens when social media gets factually incorrect postings. How can a drug company respond if it has to provide fair balance and risk/side effect information? Well, it could not under the [...]

Meaningful Hospital Discharge Kits

By Todd Greenwood of HealthEd A number of forces of change have aligned to increase hospitals’ focus on the effectiveness of the discharge process. National quality-improvement organizations have called for a redesign of discharge, and CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) has instituted incentives to reduce 30-day readmission. The issues around hospital discharge are [...]

Bob Ehrlich, DTC in Perspective

DTC in Perspective: FDA to Do Advertised Price Research

The FDA is planning some new research on DTC ads highlighting the price of the drug. The vast majority of DTC ads do not currently state price of the drug or compare price to competitors. Some ads, which use price support, will tell consumers they get a rebate or coupon. Some show a price the consumer will pay with the price [...]