Emotional Marketing to Generate Engagement

By Andrea Palmer of Publicis Health Media & Jim Curtis of Remedy Health Media We talk about patient engagement as if it is a tangible product. As if it is something you can plug in and operate as a marketer and because of this, it sometimes comes off as, well…“weird”. The difficulty is that patient engagement [...]

Does the Rise of Payer Power Mean the End of Patient Empowerment?

By Wendy Blackburn of Intouch Solutions At a recent pharmaceutical marketing conference in New York, speakers and attendees were focused on – and visibly concerned about – a massive sea change happening in healthcare. The concern went well beyond “the best way to implement wearables into pharma programs,” or “how pharma can get involved in [...]

To Segment or Not to Segment? That is the Question in Pharma Marketing.

By Deb Silverman of Evoke Health Philadelphia Having split my career neatly into two halves – first non-pharma, then pharma – I feel I have a good sense of what best practices can, and should, be lifted from the regular world into pharma marketing. In my experience, attitudinal segmentation by disease area isn’t one of [...]

How to Better Connect & Engage with Patients?

By Robert Nauman of BioPharma Advisors The goal of any support program should answer this question: What factors must we use in the program that will instill patient confidence in our product – and by default our company? Trust is built by a series of actions and those actions speak volumes more than any words [...]