Bob Ehrlich, CEO, DTC Perspectives

DTC in Perspective: FDA Doing Study About Risk Communication

FDA is proposing a study which I call “less is more.” The study is long overdue. They are concerned that too many risks are being presented in television ads and perhaps this confuses consumers. The basic lesson of advertising is to focus on the main point or compelling benefit if you want people to remember [...]

Prescribing Programmatic Buying for DTC Media Plans

By Bill Jennings of PageScience Programmatic advertising, the automation of media buying and selling using technology and data for hyper-targeting, is one of the ad worlds’ hottest trends. Research firm eMarketer recently estimated that digital display ads bought programmatically in the US grew 137% to more than $10 billion in 2014, and now account for [...]

The Pharma Marketers’ Innovator’s Dilemma

By Ashik Desai of ContextMedia, Inc. Why innovate? It’s a question frequently asked by many pharmaceutical marketers. From a campaign development perspective, innovation is seen as a way to break through the clutter in order to set new benchmarks for success. Unfortunately, in the process, it’s easy to just innovate for innovation sake, and implement [...]

Can DTC Marketers Develop Digital Content Interesting Enough to Hold the Attention of Patients?

By Chris Tuleya of Underscore Marketing The strategic role of content marketing in DTC campaigns is a hotly debated topic. While many industries have shifted their focus to building content that is authentic, educational and even whimsical in the hopes of building a rapport with patients, the healthcare industry is still finding its voice. Brands [...]