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2016 DTCN Ad Awards Winners

The leading forum for direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising thought leaders honored a dynamic group of pharmaceutical companies and brands at the much-anticipated DTC National Advertising Awards.  The awards were part of the 16th Annual DTC National Conference to be held April 19-21 in Boston.  Sponsored by Health Monitor Network, the 2016 Advertising Awards showcase the best […]

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Drug Compounding: Cause and Cure for High Drug Prices?

Commonly regarded as an ancient practice, drug compounding may be making a comeback as industry professionals are seeing it as an “essential antidote to spiraling drug prices”. However, high costs of compounding utilization cause a significant financial burden on commercial and government health plans. For this reason, many observers see both positives and negatives. As […]

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Emerging Channels of Innovation in Pharma

4PL Models, Value-Based Services and Patient/Pharmacist Bloggers In this US presidential election year, political candidates and commentators alike are engaging in passionate discussions about the current movement. The candidate campaign slogans run the gamut from “A Future to Believe In” to “Fighting to Break Down Barriers that Stand in the Way.” The pharmaceutical industry should […]

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Making Sense of Social Media Conversations

The relevance of social media monitoring and engagement in the healthcare industry Billions of conversations take place every month on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as blogs and forums. These conversations are not only taking place in social settings, but are influencing companies as well. Social media use continues to rise […]

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The Next Generation of Multi-Channel Marketing

Healthcare is the most personal of categories, and the micro-/macro-economic benefits of addressing individual patient needs and barriers at population-level scale are huge. Digital marketers from the early 2000s will remember the earliest pushes into personalization – most efforts were not successful. But a lot has changed, especially in the past year. A new generation […]

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