ACA Acquisitions Falter Due to Multicultural Gap

By Carlos Santiago of Santiago Solutions Group A Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) in-depth analysis of the most recent enrollment data into ACA exchanges from 38 reporting states revealed that multicultural segments continue to lag way behind the enrollment rate of White Non-Hispanic segment. Less than 100 days away from the third Open Enrollment period, the [...]

Multicultural Marketing of Pain Medication: Developing Targeted Strategies Based on Anderson Conceptual Framework

By Linda J. DiPersio, MSM, MSHC By 2050, the United States population will include almost 30% Hispanics/Latin-Americans, 13% African-Americans, and 9% Asian-Americans, with less than half of the population being Caucasian. Multicultural marketing is described as targeting and communicating to ethnic segments on their diverse cultural framework. Pain management is a universal dynamic among all [...]

Marketing Healthcare to LGBTs in the Age of Marriage Equality

By Andy Bagnall of Prime Access As a gay man and a supporter of LGBT equality, 2015 has been a momentous year because of the Supreme Court’s decision to extend marriage equality to the entire nation. On the evening of the decision, my husband and I made our way to The Stonewall Inn in New [...]

UCI, Montefiore and Novo Nordisk – Connecting the Hispanic Community to the Diabetes Care They Need

By Dennis O’Leary of Univision Communications Inc. Hispanics account for 1 out of every 5 adults who suffer from diabetes. Although it’s a major health concern for Hispanics (68% of Hispanics who have diabetes say they worry about someone in their family developing the disease vs. 52% of non-Hispanics), studies show that there is still [...]

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