Media Agencies… The Next Lead Agency

By Matt McNally of Publicis Health Media For years, marketing has begun with the brand, the campaign, and the big idea.  It has been shaped by what we want to say, how we want to say it, and how many times we want our “targets” to hear it. We would spend months and months developing [...]

What Do Patients Want from Pharma?

By Aryeh Lebeau of Remedy Health Media Patients yearn for connection and support, particularly those suffering from chronic conditions. Pharma may not immediately spring to mind as the warm and cuddly type to put a virtual arm around a patient’s shoulder. However, while the day-to-day caretaking will undoubtedly come from HCPs, friends and family, pharma [...]

One Step Closer to Personalized Marketing

By Kent Groves of Merkle Don’t blink! Over the last 12-24 months, another major shift has occurred in digital healthcare marketing. Alongside the tectonic shifts caused by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the launch of exciting wearables like Google Glass, Apple Watch, and Fitbits, the ability to execute individualized programs at scale is now [...]

Social Media Guidance Year

By Dale Cooke of PhillyCooke Consulting 2014 will go down for marketers of prescription products as the year of social media guidance. Members of industry celebrated the five-year anniversary of the FDA’s 2009 Part 15 Hearings on the Internet with three social media guidances, and those guidances will have a profound effect on industry. The [...]