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Pfizer Plans to Launch Remicade Biosimilar in November

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals that go off patent and immediately suffer from generic competition, biologic drugs on the other hand are not as easy to replicate. As a result, biotech companies maintain the market share for their drug much longer than chemically produced drugs. However, Pfizer is about to change the game, as they plan to […]

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Insulin Prices Soar While Drugmakers’ Share Stays Flat

Contrary to popular belief that soaring drug prices translates to growing wealth for manufacturers, the royalties within the insulin market are going directly to the middlemen. Also known as pharmacy-benefit managers (PBMs), their purpose in the market is to negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices. In light of the recent price increase of […]

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What’s a Diabetic to Do? Part Two

Part 2: The Blood Glucose Monitor Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in Scott Ehrlich’s multi-part series, What’s a Diabetic to Do? Join us as he shares a first-hand account of his experiences as he moves along his treatment journey after having been diagnosed late this summer. Click here to read his first article on this subject. […]

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How the Rise of Healthcare Consumerism Impacts Patient Engagement

As patients experience greater financial risk and responsibility for their healthcare, patients are becoming more active decision makers. They are no longer passive and accepting of healthcare decisions made by providers. Patients are consumers of healthcare and we, as an industry, must change how we think about patient-centricity and focus the lens of our business […]

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Customize Your Engagement Programs to Set the Stage for Adherence Success

Today’s best adherence programs emphasize the critical role of patient engagement in driving success. In my first article, I discussed the overall value of patient adherence programs and how implementing best practices for program design can make your programs more relevant to patients. Taking this approach one step further, engagement programs can and should occur […]

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Online Video and Patient Engagement: Four Wise Moves

Marketers are aware that the rules of engagement with their customers have dramatically changed. Brands now need to offer content and information that is much less promotional, offering more of a shareable – and shared – experience. Online channels have driven much of the change, and the digital experience has rapidly evolved to short-form content […]

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