Creating Evidence-Based Prescription Medication Information for Consumers

By Todd Greenwood & Lisa Weisberg Prescription Medication information (PMI) can be confusing and overwhelming for consumers. This can be largely attributed to a lack of standardization. With consumers playing an increasingly larger role in managing their healthcare, they often do not understand the rationale for or distinctions between the different PMIs. Thus, the Patient [...]

Creating Clarity from Clutter

By Megan O’Connor and Elizabeth Rooney Applying the patient journey model in DTC marketing Being an increasingly empowered patient is putting individuals right at the center of their healthcare management. But what do we, as brands, really know about our end customer? By using a patient journey analysis, marketers can gain a better understanding of [...]

Pharma and Digital Health at the Point of Care

By David Ormesher Innovation brings both opportunity and change, and this is true with emerging point of care technology. There is a pressing need for help in the three critical areas of Prevention, Diagnosis and Monitoring. But how can the industry get involved to help support patient care?   In the Fall 2013 issue of [...]

Managing Brand Success in Market

By Mukarram Bhatty The healthcare landscape has transformed rapidly in this technology-led, customer-controlled world and the discipline of marketing must evolve with it to stay relevant to the needs, motivations, challenges and behaviors of its audiences. We must flip the paradigm from one of gaining the consumer’s attention to one that reflects understanding of today’s [...]