Is ‘One Click’ in the Cards?

By Dale Cooke of PhillyCooke Consulting For years, pharmaceutical marketers have tried to convince themselves that the FDA accepted a standard under which risk information could be presented separately from benefit information via a hyperlink in online communications (the so-called one click rule). And for just as long, the Food and Drug Administration kept taking [...]

Meaningful Use as Digital Health Incubator

By Mike Spitz of Klick Health We’ve all heard about “Meaningful Use,” but where did it come from, what does it mean, and how might healthcare consumers ultimately benefit? Let’s find out! Back in 2008 the National Quality Forum (NQF) issued a report identifying opportunities for improving public health, efficiency, safety, privacy, and patient engagement, [...]

ACA Impacts on Rx Marketing for Disabled Americans: Fee-for-Value and Patient Lifestyle Autonomy

By Linda J. DiPersio, MSM, MSHC Health care coverage was expanded automatically to 32 million Americans in March 2010 when President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Portability and Affordable Care Act (ACA). President Obama stated, “My job is to set forward a vision – point people in the right direction.” Since the ACA [...]

Blurring the Lines: The Evolving Role of Patients in Health Reform

By Bradley Bailey & Dan Sontupe of The CementBloc The “Triple Aim,” a concept that guides the Affordable Care Act (ACA), seeks to improve three aspects of healthcare in the United States: patient experience, population health, and cost outcomes. As the US healthcare system makes strides towards these goals, the lines that previously demarcated each [...]

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