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Bob Ehrlich

DTC in Perspective: Cosentyx DTC Joins Psoriasis Battle

The television campaign for plaque psoriasis fighter Consentyx started in January. The new drug from Novartis is joining Humira, Otezla, Stelara, Remicade and Enbrel. All have been DTC advertisers in a market affecting about 7.5 million Americans. Cosentyx is taking an interesting DTC creative approach. It is using testimonials from real patients who ask others […]

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In the News: High-Tech Wearable Tattoos Debut at CES 2016: MC10, ‘Reshaping Healthcare’

At this year’s CES conference, MC10’s two showcased products were nothing short of groundbreaking. By debuting two different wearables, one aimed to satisfy the medical community while the other targeting the general consumer, the company succeeded in sparking interest. The first product, known as BioStamp Research Connect, is designed to assist researchers with a multitude […]

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In the News: The Future of Wearables: Can Companies Avoid The Pitfalls Threatening Healthcare Wearables?

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to walk down the street without seeing somebody sporting a healthcare wearable. With sales surging at an annual growth rate of 25%, and an impressive $5.1 billion market value, it appears that the healthcare wearable industry is stronger than ever. However, these statics fail to recognize that such wearables are […]

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In the News: Abuse-Deterrent Formulations Stirring Up the 2016 J.P. Morgan Pharmaceutical Conference

Considered by many the Woodstock of pharmaceutical conferences, the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Conference held in San Francisco January 11-13th lived up to its nickname. It was three days of non-stop presentations, meetings, business development opportunities, and endless potential for new partnerships. Among the attendees was a convergence of hedge fund investors, bankers, and pharmaceutical […]

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Disruptive Innovation in Pharma: Past, Present, and Future

By Linda DiPersio, MSM, MSHC In the book “The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care,” Clay Christensen, who developed the theory of disruptive innovation, stated, “There are more than 9,000 billing codes for individual procedures and units of care. But there is not a single billing code… for helping patients stay well.” In […]

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Marketing Innovations Don’t Have to be Risky

By Faruk Abdullah of Applied Predictive Technologies Pharmaceutical marketing is changing. With increased industry spend, new marketing channels, a more informed consumer, and a shifting healthcare landscape, it is clear that marketers need to be smarter than ever with their investment decisions. It is also clear that DTC marketing is no longer just about pumping […]

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