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Top 25 DTC Marketer Nicole Kloevekorn

Nicole Kloevekorn is currently the Consumer Lead on CHANTIX, responsible for overseeing all direct-to-consumer tactics. Besides leading the creation and execution of new DTC creative, she most recently also led the relaunch of the GetQuit Program, a patient support program that helps smokers understand the behaviors associated with smoking so they can focus on quitting.nicole
Nicole has been with Pfizer for eight years. Prior to CHANTIX, she was part of the development and execution of comprehensive consumer marketing strategies and tactics for ELIQUIS, pre- and post-launch. Along with her co-promote partners at BMS, she was responsible for launching the integrated direct-to-consumer campaigns for both indications. Prior to her marketing roles, she worked in market analytics on the LIPITOR team, mining for insights among patient, HCP, and payer customers. She was a key contributor to the development of the innovative post-LOE Lipitor strategy.
Prior to joining Pfizer in 2008, Nicole was living and working in Munich, Germany. She started her career in the media industry, working in various analytics roles. She became passionate about consumer advertisement when digging for insights to improve the creative and targeting of campaigns.
Nicole holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Stern School of Business at NYU and a Masters in Communication Science and Advertising Psychology from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. In 2002, she published a book on TV viewing behaviors which analyzed the impact of long-term viewer preferences on short-term choices and concluded with implications for network programming strategies. Nicole lives in New York City with her husband and enjoys taking advantage of all the cultural events the city has to offer.