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Marketing Disease Prevention in America National

2015 Marketing Disease Prevention in America

The MDPA National is unique in that it is meant for the people that create and buy media for the consumer communications. Learn how to create successful marketing and advertising programs designed to get consumers to take action to prevent disease. With the prevalence of measurements and incentives for prevention in the ACA, disease prevention marketing is more important than ever. Disease prevention advertising is done by government, advocacy groups, insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Each may have a different goal in mind but all try to convince consumers to take a specific action step. Learn which disease states can effectively use advertising to increase prevention and how best to inspire your target market to action.

The two day meeting was dedicated to analyzing great disease prevention ad and PR campaigns. Case studies from all major disease states will be presented to show how the best campaigns use consumer insights to drive action. A wide range of media was profiled to show best approaches for mass, digital and targeted. This conference discussed how to form effective partnerships between the public and private sector to expand disease prevention and help organizations optimize their results.
Conference attendance was recommended for:

  • Pharma Marketers and PR Departments
  • Hospital Marketers and PR Departments
  • Health Insurance Marketers and PR Departments
  • Disease Advocacy Groups
  • Advertising and PR Agencies
  • NGOs
  • Government Organizations
  • Academic Researchers
  • Market Researchers