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Uber partners with startup to take patients to the doctor

For those below the poverty line, the elderly and the disabled, often their ability to visit the doctor depends heavily on available transportation. A 2005 study revealed that an estimated 3.6 million people do not receive nonemergency care for this reason. Uber, the leading ride-sharing technology company recognized this problem, and collaborated with Circulation, a technology company to launch a pilot program aimed decreasing the frequency these demographics miss doctor’s appointments. The program will be launching at Boston Children’s Hospital, the Mercy Health System in Philadelphia, and the Nemours Children’s Health System in Delaware. When asked his thoughts on the program, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, John Brownstein stated, “A no-show? That’s a cost to the system. There’s [also] a downstream impact on the patients”.

To read more about Uber’s pilot program from MM&M, click here.


Lily Stauffer
Editorial Associate
Lily Stauffer serves as an Editorial Associate for DTC Perspectives. She is currently a senior at Saint Joseph's University, studying Pharmaceutical Marketing and Spanish.

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