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Reaching the Engaged Patient of the Future

The patient as the consumer. You’ve heard this one before. Additionally, you’ve probably read about how you, as a healthcare marketer, need to view patients through that lens from now on. But how do you actually turn that insight into action? Before answering that question, we should be asking ourselves how accurate the “consumer” label […]

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Doctor Discussing Records With Senior Female Patient

A Holistic Way to Change Patient Behavior

We are creatures of habit. We buy the same products and follow the same daily routine. Unless compelling information is served to us the moment we’re making a decision, we are reluctant to change. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. For healthcare marketers, changing behavior within our industry can seem impossible. Earlier this […]

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The Pharma Marketers’ Innovator’s Dilemma

Why innovate? It’s a question frequently asked by many pharmaceutical marketers. From a campaign development perspective, innovation is seen as a way to break through the clutter in order to set new benchmarks for success. Unfortunately, in the process, it’s easy to just innovate for innovation sake, and implement the latest thing without regard to […]

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