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Top 25 DTC Marketer James Berger

James Berger started his career in sales for BMS and Schering-Plough, and after business school at Cornell, he joined Amgen’s Commercial Leadership Program in marketing. At Amjamesgen, he worked as a brand manager across physician, patient, and payer marketing in oncology for both the U.S. and global business units. During this time, he led various initiatives to launch Xgeva and Pronka in oncology and urology, worked in payer marketing on Neulasta, and spent some time doing pre-launch work with Imlygic on the melanoma global team. Upon moving to Takeda, James created the access and reimbursement services program for Entyvio, called Entyvio Connect, while building the patient promotional infrastructure for the brand, ultimately launching the multi-channel commercial “Doors” campaign in February 2016.