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Top 25 DTC Marketer Dan Pinto

Dan Pinto has been the strategic lead for Patient Marketing as well as Digital Professional, Professional Conventions, and Trade for the NovoLog® brand team for over six years and has been with Novo Nordisk Inc. since 2007. In that time NovoLog® achieved blockbuster status and is now approaching double blockbuster status. In addition to his core team responsibilities, he was a key collaborator on Novo Nordisk’s award winning patient support program, Cornerstones4Care® including the online Diabetes Health Coach. In his current role, he is focused on the approval and launch of Novo Nordisk’s latest rapid acting insulin. dan
Dan has also worked on Novo Nordisk’s Women’s Health, Growth Hormone, and Bleeding Disorders businesses. Prior to that, he worked agency side on notable brands such as Botox® Cometic and Juvé derm®, and was a partner at an interactive start-up. His experience in Marketing ranges from Multi-Channel DTC advertising, RM, and Loyalty Programs to Interactive Development, Search, and Sales. Passionate and loyal, Dan keeps the patient at the center of everything he does professionally. Dan’s unique perspective is founded on his diverse experience and is built on customer insights shaped by creative solutions.
Dan received his Bachelor’s in Marketing from the School of Business at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He has two sons, Shane and Dylan, and lives his wife, Angelique, in Allenwood, NJ.