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Provenge and the DTC Dilemma

Provenge and the DTC Dilemma “Small market drugs can use DTC given high revenue per patient.” -Bob Ehrlich Provenge from Dendreon treats advanced prostate cancer and can prolong life. It is an expensive drug, costing around $90,000 for the three infusions. The clinical studies showed a significant survival increase versus men not treated. The results […]

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The Rise of Self-Screening

The Rise of Self-Screening “We can use technology to greatly increase disease awareness..” -Bob Ehrlich An announcement that Walmart is testing health kiosks is getting a lot of attention. These kiosks, from Solo Health, will give consumers a chance to self-test eyesight, weigh themselves, take blood pressure, and enter health practices into a computer. We […]

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JAMA Publishes Physician Influence Study

JAMA Publishes Physician Influence Study “Critics usually blame DTC for these patient requests.” -Bob Ehrlich A study conducted by The Morgan Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital has some potentially controversial results for brand marketers. The study was done via the web with 1891 responding doctors. The study was designed to measure how […]

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