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Nadine Leonard

Nadine Leonard Heartbeat

Nadine Leonard

Managing Director | Executive Planning Director


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Nadine Leonard is a Managing Director of Heartbeat, a full-service agency for healthcare Challenger Brands — those brands who must battle behemoth market leaders, upend ingrained treatment habits, or transform a “me-too” product into “yes-please.”

As the leader of the Planning discipline, Nadine is the force behind Heartbeat’s brazen brand strategies and tenured client partnerships. Fueled by over 20 years of marketing experience and an MBA from NYU Stern, her acute approaches to business challenges are deeply felt by industry-leading companies such as Bristol Myers-Squibb, Genentech, Pfizer, and Sanofi. Her body of work has received numerous industry accolades, including her recent induction into MM&M’s Hall of Femme, a select group of female healthcare executives who are behind the industry’s most iconic medical advertising.

When she’s not championing positive work-life balance amongst other Heartbeaters, she’s living it — you can find her spending time with her family on Long Island, usually watching her (very tall) sons crash the boards at one of their many basketball games.