About Forum on Digital & Virtual Health

About the Conference

With the move of many people to online and virtual health, and the abundance of patients going to get their health information online and on social media, DTC Perspectives will be having our first event on Digital and Virtual Health. This event will cover healthcare on social media and online, as well as covering virtual health such as telemedicine, mobile devices, wearables, and other such ways that companies work on marketing and selling products online and virtually. Best in class case studies, strategies, and research will be presented at this event, as well as how to market your data or services through these mediums. This event focuses on anyone who has a product or service that wants to reach their patients online, be it on Facebook, Google, on the web, or during a Virtual Health visit and is recommended for those involved in pharmaceuticals, OTC, hospitals/doctors, aesthetic medications, insurance, health promotion, and any digital marketers. Don’t miss this important event discussing all the new opportunities to reach healthcare consumers at home and not be left behind in this rapidly changing area.