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Vaccines 2016: Big Bets for Global Threats

As a result of the sudden Zika virus outbreak, both big pharma companies and non-profits alike are diving head first into vaccine research in hopes of halting this life-threatening virus. First to the table was Sanofi Pasteur, announcing that they “would lead the way against Zika”. Following their successful launch of the dengue fever vaccine, […]

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Jennifer Kovack Talks with Fierce PharmaMarketing: Jardiance, Belsomra and Entyvio brand managers share DTC honors with oldsters like Viagra

This year’s DTC Perspectives Top 25 Marketers of the Year list includes ad campaigns both old and new. In addition to the long-advertised household names such as Viagra from Pfizer and Crestor from AstraZeneca, brand managers for some up-and-coming drugs made the cut as well. Such campaigns include Jardiance from Eli Lilly, Belsomra from Merck, […]

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Bob Ehrlich Talks with STAT: Drug Makers now Spending $5 Billion a Year on Advertising. Here’s What that Buys.

Despite pressure from all angles for stricter limits on prescription drug ads, the industry continues to expend billions on their campaigns. Sky-high spending has been continuously increasing over the past few years; surpassing the $5 billion mark this year. It is estimated that one quarter of this $5.2B came from five campaigns: Humira, Lyrica, Eliquis, […]

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Tiny Cameras to See in the Intestines

New technology in the form vitamin-sized capsules, known as edible electronics, may be the future of colorectal cancer screening. Currently in development, such capsules can be swallowed and used to capture images inside the digestive tract. One design known as PillCam, from Medtronic, uses two mini-cameras that are capable of capturing 35 frames per second. What […]

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Senate Confirms Cardiologist Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner

With a sweeping 89-4 Senate vote, Dr. Robert M. Califf was confirmed as FDA Commissioner on Wednesday, February 24th. A cardiologist by training, Dr. Califf spent years supervising clinical trials within the pharmaceutical industry. In his interview, Califf stressed the importance of using electronic medical databases as early-warning systems to identify safety lapses of drugs […]

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MP Global Products Introduces Foam-free Packaging for Shipment of Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

MP Global products, an environmentally-friendly flooring and packaging company, is proud to advertise that they “were green before it was even fashionable”. In early February, the Thermal Packaging Products division introduced a line of insulated cotton packaging used for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and consumer products. In addition to being completely biodegradable, the recycled cotton fibers […]

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A Do-It-Yourself Revolution in Diabetes Care

Managing type I diabetes requires tedious daily logging, a system that is far from perfect and in need of a technological face-lift. There are two primary sources for logging the data; the traditional paper forms method, and the newer continuous glucose monitors. Due to serious drawbacks with both methods, John Costik, an engineer and father […]

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In the News: High-Tech Wearable Tattoos Debut at CES 2016: MC10, ‘Reshaping Healthcare’

At this year’s CES conference, MC10’s two showcased products were nothing short of groundbreaking. By debuting two different wearables, one aimed to satisfy the medical community while the other targeting the general consumer, the company succeeded in sparking interest. The first product, known as BioStamp Research Connect, is designed to assist researchers with a multitude […]

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