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Bob Ehrlich

DTC in Perspective: Obamacare Stays, Drug Companies at Risk

With the failure to come up with an alternative to Obamacare, Congress has left drug companies in a more precarious position. The goal was to make health care more free market oriented and less government controlled. That would have created more competition among health care providers and insurance companies. Patients would have more choice and […]

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Insurers seek to challenge millennial ‘invincibility’

Appealing to millennials is difficult enough for most industries, however the health insurance industry specifically struggles, as millennials feel invincible, and would rather diagnose themselves through Web MD than visit the doctor. Steve McCallion, CMO and creative director at Zoom+, recognizes this, and has developed a new approach to targeting millennials. McCallion says, “millennials are […]

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Obamacare's Unintented Consquence: The Rise of Consumer Information

Despite the flattening of DTC spending in the past few years, there is a tidal wave of DTC opportunities coming for health marketers. I will broaden the definition of DTC to beyond drugs and devices and include health services which include health providers, clinics, and diagnostics. What people are realizing about Obamacare is that cost […]

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What Obamacare Means for Big Pharma

Big Pharma agreed to support Obamacare with significant price subsidies for consumers. They assumed that giving this support would be offset by new customers through expanded access to coverage. They also got assurances that Medicare would not negotiate drug prices directly. The mess that is Obamacare may not work out the way the drug makers […]

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Obamacare Means Opportunity in DTC

When one cuts through the early problems of Obamacare implementation, it is clear that there are many opportunities for DTC advertisers now and in the future. Implementation issues aside, we can expect millions of Americans to be added to the insured roles. That means more people will be getting drug reimbursement and more taking drugs […]

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Obamacare, Being Fair

I cannot resist commenting on the official launch of Obamacare exchanges. I tried to access the Florida exchange, which is run by the Feds as it is in 36 states. I could not get past the application because it required I answer the security questions which did not exist to answer. I will accept that […]

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