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My Celebrity Did What?

My Celebrity Did What? “The Lance debacle is illustrative of celebrity risks.” -Bob Ehrlich Barry Bonds. Mark McGwire. Roger Clemens. Michael Vick. Tiger Woods. One day they are favorites of America, and the next they are disgraced. Their endorsements disintegrate faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100. They become butts of Jay Leno’s jokes. The […]

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Is Hispanic Advertising Important?

Is Hispanic Advertising Important? “ I am making a case…to consider Hispanic marketing.” -Bob Ehrlich This is a recurring question when every brand manager develops their media plan. Of course brand managers recognize the growth in Hispanics in the United States. The 2010 census shows 43% growth in Hispanics from 2000, mostly from Mexican immigration. […]

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Following Those Wings

Following Those Wings “Few brands have established a visual reminder as well as Lunesta.” -Bob Ehrlich The famous moth is back. Sunovion’s Lunesta moth is floating again on a television screen near you. What is intriguing is the 15 second reminder corporate ad. The ad is unusual in that it is all about the moth; […]

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