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Painful DTC

Painful DTC “Agencies can excel without excess creative devices” -Bob Ehrlich There are two DTC ads I think do a great job of telling consumers about pain prevention and remediation. One is branded, the other a disease education spot. Neither is brand new but I thought they deserve some positive comments for delivering strong, effective […]

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An Open Letter From DTC Perspectives Founder Bob Ehrlich on Marketing at the Point of Care

Dear Industry Member, Patients are becoming more involved in treatment decisions. DTC advertising, higher co-pays, higher deductibles, less time with doctors, and the availability of health information have made patients into proactive consumers. For this reason, we are debuting the “Point of Care Marketing Conference (” this fall.  We invite you to join us on […]

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Very Different Futures

Very Different Futures “DTC status quo odds…30%, decline… 20%, growth…50%.” -Bob Ehrlich I love science documentaries about the universe and science fiction about what the earth will be like hundreds of years from now. I am a big Fringe fan. Both genres make you think about potential alternate futures. Forecasts are designed usually to create […]

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