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How Rx, OTC, & CPG Brands Can Play It Safe in the Digital Era

Sponsored Content The last decade has witnessed the astounding growth and scale of Facebook and Google. Together these two power players command the majority of digital ad spend, and Amazon is increasingly making gains. While compelling targeting and efficiency benefits have led to a collective surge in brand spend with these major digital and social […]

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Four Trends Out of MWC and SXSW That Have Pharma Marketers Talking

Every year, events like South By Southwest and Mobile World Congress bring us new technology innovations that have the potential to fundamentally reshape a marketers’ playbook. This year was no different, as pharma marketers in attendance in Austin and Barcelona saw a range of technologies from brands like AT&T and Google. But what technologies from […]

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Build Your Bottom Line through Effective Listening, Tapping Emotion, & Strong Engagement

Health and wellness, pharmaceutical, and medical-device providers must navigate an ever-evolving and consistently complicated healthcare landscape. Agencies (and corporate marketers) serve a key role in helping their clients problem solve, understand their challenges, and identify critical success factors. How is this best accomplished? Through the power of thorough, intuitive and intentional listening, and strong engagement […]

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The Innovative Approach to Patient Activation

Sponsored Content Personalized Smart Recommendations in social networks What if Amazon was in charge of patient activation? Personalized, data-driven healthcare solutions would up-end patient activation as we know it. Some biopharma marketers are already doing this today, leveraging social networks to anticipate and address patient needs proactively. Here’s the formula for how they are doing […]

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Dante Gaudio

How to Create Powerful Narratives in Health

Sponsored Content Healthline Insider Q and A: A series of conversations with experts from the digital, health and marketing industries. Why? Because different perspectives enrich us and make us smarter, stronger, and more aware. Healthline Insider’s Ingrid Eberly sat down for a conversation with our SVP of Media Strategy & Revenue, Dante Gaudio, on the […]

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Point of Care Demands a Modern Marketing Strategy

Sponsored Content A varied media mix that includes effective print tactics, is fundamental to unlock the full value of a Point of Care sponsorship program. Like numerous other media environments in recent years, the Point of Care landscape has become increasingly focused on digital platforms.  From televisions to touchscreens, providers have created a wealth of […]

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