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The Seven Deadly Sins of Content Marketing

“Content” has replaced “digital” as the biggest buzzword in marketing today—and is now at the core of all communications plans. According to a report by Accenture published late last year, 78% of pharmaceutical and biotech marketers now produce a “moderate to enormous” amount of digital content—from patient testimonials, social posts and news articles to shareable […]

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Doctor And Woman Holding Envelope

Peter J Solomon Releases Whitepaper on POC Verification, Standardization

Peter J Solomon’s Marketing Services Group released a whitepaper recently on the importance of standardization and auditing practices within the point-of-care (POC) space. With POC being such an important piece in educating patients and aiding the HCP-patient conversation, “marketers and healthcare professionals are concerned about the verification, standardization and auditing of network content and scale,” noted […]

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Bob Ehrlich

DTC in Perspective: Could Amazon Change the Drug Market?

The widely reported story that Amazon is considering entering the prescription drug market has made current drug sellers nervous. Could Amazon revolutionize drug sales? Or, would they just be another mail order supplier in a crowded market? The answer is unclear. Amazon certainly has the strength to cut deals with drug companies, insurers and major […]

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