About DTC Perspectives

DTC Perspectives Inc. is a publishing, conference/training, and consulting company specializing in the area of consumer marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Through multiple divisions, DTC Perspectives, Inc. provides both Rx and consumer health marketers with analyses and information in their respective fields through several publications, including DTC Perspectives Magazine and the OTC Minute e-newsletter, and several leading Conferences, including the flagship events, the DTC National and OTC National Conferences.

Mission Statement

DTC Perspectives Inc. strives to be the leading source of best practices, knowledge and insight for Pharmaceutical Marketers who are leading, creating, and implementing direct-to-consumer communications. We aim to be the ideal media option for reaching a highly targeted audience of Pharma Marketers who read us cover to cover.

If the DTC marketplace is important to your marketing plans, we encourage you to inquire about how you can reach our audience either through DTC Perspectives magazine and/or one of our DTC conference events.

Companies who partner with us use our offerings to reach a targeted audience of pharmaceutical marketers – be it through attending, exhibiting, sponsoring or speaking at our events, writing articles for and/or advertising in the magazine.

DTC Perspectives magazine is published four times each year, including a spring issue that serves as an integrated companion to the DTC National Conference. In addition, we produce a fall conference for consumer marketers, their agencies and service-providing partners. These events provide excellent networking opportunities in addition to the highest quality content from leaders from all areas of the industry.

DTC National 2016

DTC National
April 19-21, 2016 | Boston

With a 15+ year-long reputation as “The Leading Forum for DTC Thought Leaders,” our flagship conference, the DTC National is one of the largest annual conferences focusing solely on direct-to-consumer Rx marketing. Featuring three of the industry’s favorite awards – The DTC National Advertising Awards, Top 25 DTC Marketers of the Year, and DTC Hall of Fame; our conference is designed around cutting edge content (no supplier pitches, no paid agenda slots) and vetted by prestigious conference board.

Our 2016 DTC National will focus on patient power. A number of forces have been responsible for increasing power of patients. Their employers and insurers have been shifting cost to them through higher deductibles and co-pays. Now most patients are basically self-insured and can pay thousands before getting reimbursed. This means they are demanding their services and products be high value for that added cost.

2016 Hospital Marketing National

Hospital Marketing National
June 22-24, 2016 | San Diego, CA

The Hospital Marketing National features presentations from key thought-leaders in the marketing field from leading advertising agencies, media companies, PR firms, and health care providers. This event discusses best practices in marketing your hospital, how to best choose your media mix, developing excellent campaigns, and highlighting your key healthcare practice areas. Great case studies, creative campaign planning discussions, and thought-leader forums will help you enhance your creative and get more ROI for your advertising dollar.

The Hospital Marketing National Conference focuses entirely on marketing execution, by providing concrete examples and case studies of best-in-class marketing. Nearly all of our case studies feature award-winning campaigns and are designed to provide actionable insight that you can immediately apply to make strong marketing and advertising campaigns. All presentations show great creative, and not only explain what took place in the campaign, but what insight was gleaned and how you, as a marketer, can utilize it in your own campaigns.

Multicultural Health National 2015

Multicultural Health National
October 12-13, 2015 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Featuring presentations from key thought-leaders in the multicultural health marketing sphere, the Multicultural Health National focuses on best practices for reaching the key multicultural populations in America including but not limited to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, LGBT Americans, and Asian Americans. Case studies range from marketing Rx, OTC, devices, marketing wellness visits, hospitals, and insurance plans. At the MCH National, you will learn perspectives from lawmakers and policy makers on how the ACA and demographic shifts will change how and to whom health is marketed.

Master the best practices in marketing to Hispanics, LGBT, African Americans, Asians, and Native Americans. The Multicultural Health National covers everything from multicultural marketing ROI to encouraging screenings amongst at risk populations. Hear first hand what doctors are hearing from their multicultural patient populations.

2015 PEPP National

Patient Engagement through Physicians & Pharmacists
November 5-6, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

The PEPP National, is the first conference dedicated to Patient Engagement through Physicians & Pharmacists. Formerly the POC National, the PEPP National expands upon our Point-of-Care National to better reflect the needs of the patient. Pharmaceutical companies are facing an increasingly educated, involved, and demanding patient. These individuals are paying more of the cost of their health care and consequently expect more value for their share of the cost.

The PEPP National expands beyond advertisements and point of care to address the broader issue of communication among patients, doctors, and pharmacists. This conference provides perspectives on how drug companies can partner with providers in helping to engage patients. Patients want value for their share of the drug bill. No branded drug or device can succeed against generics without a true value-added strategy. Discover how to develop and execute a patient engagement strategy in the new marketplace by creating brand loyalty in a cost-conscious environment.