DTC Forum on TV and Print

New Perspectives on Television and Print

Mass media still makes up the majority of DTC media budgets. In 2016, television spending comprised roughly 72% of DTC budgets, with print taking an additional 28%, according to Nielsen data. While internet and point of care may not be accurately measured by the tracking services, or understated, it is clear mass media dominates. Many conferences have explored new media from digital, social media, point of care perspectives.

While we see tremendous opportunities outside of television and print, and there are numerous new media being developed, we decided to devote an entire conference on mass media. The reason is simple. Drug and device companies spend a lot on it.

In 2016, over $5 billion was spent on mass media advertising. Much has been learned about creating ads, buying mass media, and evaluating effectiveness. This conference will be a deep dive into lessons learned on mass media and opportunities to improve its performance.

This conference is designed to help product marketers and their agencies improve their mass media ROI. Despite the fact that DTC television has been done since 1997 and print for several years longer, few forums have focused entirely on mass media. Most brands using DTC can do better creating, planning, buying, and analyzing the effectiveness of their television and print efforts.

Our New Perspectives approach is to bring together creative, media, and research experts to provide practical recommendations for getting more out of that heavy mass media investment.