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DTC in Focus

Issue Central Theme* Deadline for Ads & Content Release Date**
January Disruptive Innovation 1/23/2019 1/30/2019
February Strategy & Planning 2/20/2019 2/27/2019
March Overcoming Communication Challenges 3/20/2019 3/27/2019
April Relationship Marketing 4/17/2019 4/24/2019
May Digital & Social Media 5/22/2019 5/29/2019
June Disease Awareness/Education 6/19/2019 6/26/2019
July Consumer Trends 7/24/2019 7/31/2019
August Multicultural 8/21/2019 8/28/2019
September Mass Media 9/18/2019 9/25/2019
October Creative Assessment 10/23/2019 10/30/2019
November 2019 Outlook 11/20/2019 11/27/2019
December No Issue N/A N/A

*Each issue of DTC in Focus will heavily focus on a central theme, but will also now include various other topics each month as well.
**May be adjusted to avoid conference and seminar dates.


DTC Perspectives Magazine: The Annual Issue

Deadline for IOs Deadline for Ad Creative Release Date
February 15, 2019 February 22, 2019 DTC National Conference 2019


Writing for DTC Perspectives

We offer a variety of options for those interesting in writing, including but not limited to: DTC in Focus newsletter, stand alone website articles, a mini-series for our website, and DTC Perspectives Magazine (a part of our DTC National conference guide). To become a contributor, complete this form or contact Jennifer Kovack, Senior Director, DTC Events at

Please keep the following parameters in mind when drafting submissions for DTC Perspectives:

  • The article must not be self promotional. Focus on knowledge, lessons learned and best practices. (For sponsored content opportunities, please contact John Woodbridge at
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished. Otherwise, permission for republishing must be provided.
  • Topics should be fresh, cutting edge and relevant to DTC marketing. We encourage new studies and case studies, and discourage philosophical fluff pieces.
  • Pay close attention to sentence structure and grammar – we want to keep the article in your voice and do not want to have to rewrite portions that are poorly written.

If your article is approved, please be prepared to submit the following for publishing:

  • A final, proofed version of the article
  • Any accompanying artwork (optional)
  • High res headshot of the author(s)
  • Brief bio with contact information (social profiles, phone number, and/or email)