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Uber partners with startup to take patients to the doctor

For those below the poverty line, the elderly and the disabled, often their ability to visit the doctor depends heavily on available transportation. A 2005 study revealed that an estimated 3.6 million people do not receive nonemergency care for this reason. Uber, the leading ride-sharing technology company recognized this problem, and collaborated with Circulation, a […]

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Remedy Health Media launches new series: a peek into patients’ lives

A few years back, Remedy Health Media launched a set of stories meant to help bring patients’ stories to life, following their “Live Bold, Live Now” platform. Today, the company pulled inspiration from the widespread popularity of “Humans of New York”, by launching two new initiatives looking to foster personal engagements with patients. Their new goal […]

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Marvel creates superheroes suffering from bowel disease for Takeda campaign

Pharma marketers and advertisers are posed daily with the challenge of portraying information about conditions that people do not talk about publically. In an attempt to unveil such conditions, Takeda launched “IBD Unmasked”, a global campaign aiming to raise awareness of IBD, a condition that affects five million people globally. The company are the first […]

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Pfizer Plans to Launch Remicade Biosimilar in November

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals that go off patent and immediately suffer from generic competition, biologic drugs on the other hand are not as easy to replicate. As a result, biotech companies maintain the market share for their drug much longer than chemically produced drugs. However, Pfizer is about to change the game, as they plan to […]

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Insulin Prices Soar While Drugmakers’ Share Stays Flat

Contrary to popular belief that soaring drug prices translates to growing wealth for manufacturers, the royalties within the insulin market are going directly to the middlemen. Also known as pharmacy-benefit managers (PBMs), their purpose in the market is to negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices. In light of the recent price increase of […]

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A Healthcare Art Director’s Journey: Becoming a Patient

Nothing makes one better at their job as a healthcare marketing art director than actually experiencing healthcare firsthand. I’ve always been relatively healthy – doing my fair share of exercising physically and mentally, and eating “kinda” well. I rarely visited my doctor’s office, except for the usual appointments. More honestly, I steered clear of doctor visits almost […]

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What’s a Diabetic to Do? Part One

Part 1: Testing And the Lancing Device Editor’s Note: Last month, DTC Perspectives’ President & Chief Operating Officer, Scott Ehrlich, was diagnosed with diabetes. Join us in the multi-part series as he shares a first-hand account of his experiences as he moves along his treatment journey. About a month ago, I went for a blood test and found […]

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Jennifer Aniston Teams with Shire, Digitas Health LifeBrands to Launch ‘eyelove’

Shire and Digitas Health LifeBrands (the agency of record) announced a new celebrity spokesperson today, partnering with Jennifer Aniston to raise awareness and understanding of chronic dry eye. By sharing her own experiences with the condition, she hopes to “educate and inspire people” to learn and communicate more with their healthcare professional. According to the news […]

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