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New Study Wants More FDA DTC Explanations

New Study Wants More FDA DTC Explanations “The authors feel consumers misunderstand what FDA approval means.” -Bob Ehrlich Two physician researchers, Drs. Schwartz and Woloshin, have studied and published on DTC for years. They have generally been critical of drug industry communications. In their latest study published 9/12/2011 in the journal “Archives of Internal Medicine”, […]

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DTC Digital Frustration

“Drug company management is in a defensive posture.” -Bob Ehrlich I just returned from our annual digital DTC conference in New Jersey. I can describe the general sentiment as one of frustration. That is, frustration with FDA and their glacial movement on guidance, frustration with the pharma industry on their reluctance to take risks, and […]

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Bob Ehrlich’s blog on blogs – August 19, 2008

John Mack in his Pharma Marketing Blog of 8/14 wrote an interesting piece called Rethinking the Value of DTC Advertising . Mack says that the numbers of patients who visit and ask doctors about advertised drugs is very low. Therefore, he wonders how the expenditures can pay back on this low a number of patient […]

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Bob Ehrlich's blog on blogs – July 29, 2008

Cliff Mintz in BioJobBlog (July 12) says pharma has discovered You Tube in a big way. He says many drug companies are using it to post ads, educational videos and creating contests for consumers to create videos on what it is like to have certain diseases. He singles out J&J saying “these pharma assaults on […]

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blogspectives June 16, 2008

Ed Silverman in Pharmalot (June 11) comments on the FDA’s report that the biggest reporter of adverse events is now the consumer, not the doctor. In 2007, consumers reported 174,000 events versus only 121,000 from doctors. My take is that part of the reason consumers report more adverse events is familiarity with the side effects […]

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