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Bob Ehrlich

DTC in Perspective: American Medical Association(AMA) Calls for DTC Ban

The AMA announced through a statement on 11/17 that they just voted to support a ban on DTC advertising. They cited the causes as over-prescribing of more expensive treatments and rising prescription prices. The AMA is being hypocritical since doctors advertise directly to consumers. Insurance companies advertise health coverage to consumers. Labs and test centers […]

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The Five-Step Prescription for Curing Social Media Ills

Stop the coughing before it becomes a social media plague. By Peter Friedman of LiveWorld It’s taken a while, but the pharmaceutical industry has slowly realized the value of social media to reach caregivers, health care professionals, and patients to raise awareness and even track adverse events. According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, […]

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Creative Critique: OPDIVO & BELSOMRA

Editor’s Note: DTC Perspectives asked a leading creative expert to review current DTC ads for our Creative Assessment issue of DTC in Focus. OPDIVO and BELSOMRA were her standouts. Read what Brenda Molloy has to say about why these ads made her take special notice. It’s necessary now more than ever for commercials to stand […]

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