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DTC Perspectives Announces The 2015 Top PEPP Marketers of the Year Recognizing Marketing Excellence in Patient Engagement

PHILADELPHIA – DTC Perspectives announces the 2015 class of Top PEPP Marketers of the Year, an award established to recognize extraordinary DTC marketers who drive innovation and work toward better patient health outcomes through physician and pharmacist communications. After an industry-wide nomination period, the DTC Perspectives editorial team collaborated to select the most influential marketers […]

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Doctor Discussing Records With Senior Female Patient

A Holistic Way to Change Patient Behavior

We are creatures of habit. We buy the same products and follow the same daily routine. Unless compelling information is served to us the moment we’re making a decision, we are reluctant to change. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. For healthcare marketers, changing behavior within our industry can seem impossible. Earlier this […]

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Precision Medicine and Point of Care: Improving Efficiency in Health Practice

During his January 2015 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama introduced the Precision Medicine Initiative as an effort that “will bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes – and give all of us access to the personalized information we need to keep ourselves and our families healthier.” The question is […]

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Bob Ehrlich

Sanders Blasts Drug Companies

Bernie Sanders, the fast rising socialist/populist candidate for President, does not particularly like drug companies. He thinks they make outrageous profits and is for introducing legislation to cap prices. He will propose Medicare negotiate prices, something prohibited under the prescription drug act. He will also require disclosure of costs of developing drugs, and require transparency […]

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2014 MCH Awards

DTC Perspectives Announces Finalists for Multicultural Health Marketing Awards

FT LAUDERDALE – The rapidly growing industry of multicultural health communications celebrates best-in-class advertising creative at the third annual Multicultural Health National (MCH) conference. Presented by DTC Perspectives, the MCH National will take place on Oct. 12-13 in Ft. Lauderdale where Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners for 14 advertising awards categories will be announced during […]

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UCI, Montefiore and Novo Nordisk – Connecting the Hispanic Community to the Diabetes Care They Need

Hispanics account for 1 out of every 5 adults who suffer from diabetes. Although it’s a major health concern for Hispanics (68% of Hispanics who have diabetes say they worry about someone in their family developing the disease vs. 52% of non-Hispanics), studies show that there is still a lack of education on the risks […]

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Multicultural Marketing of Pain Medication: Developing Targeted Strategies Based on Anderson Conceptual Framework

By 2050, the United States population will include almost 30% Hispanics/Latin-Americans, 13% African-Americans, and 9% Asian-Americans, with less than half of the population being Caucasian. Multicultural marketing is described as targeting and communicating to ethnic segments on their diverse cultural framework. Pain management is a universal dynamic among all cultures. The pharma marketing of pain […]

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