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Sponsored Content “Don’t get Ubered” is a common phrase uttered in the tech world today. It’s referencing companies who don’t (or won’t) pay attention to the changes happening around them. As a result, they scramble for survival as more attuned companies see success by adapting their entire way of doing business. Put in that perspective, […]

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Pulling Your Brand Through at POC

As pharma marketers continue to expand their footprint in the point of care (POC) channel – a channel where spending is growing at eight-times the rate of television spending – they are realizing not only its potential but the importance of ensuring their messaging mirrors their brand essentials as much as possible. For pharmaceutical brands, […]

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The Importance of Trust in Health Education

Where do consumers go to find information? Don’t overthink it—the simple answer is Google. In fact, the last time Google released data in 2012, the search engine giant reported more than 1 trillion searches every year. It’s only safe to assume that number has grown significantly since then. But where are these consumers getting their […]

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Patient Trust Begins in the Exam Room

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve been to the doctor at least once in your adult life. So you can probably relate to this: You’re sitting on the exam room table in your physician’s office.  In your head, there’s a lengthy list of questions related to the reason for your visit – an aching […]

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