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Beyond the Moustache: PatientPoint Takes The Movember Foundation to Point of Care

On February 17th, the Movember Foundation went beyond the moustache by expanding their promotional efforts through PatientPoint. With prostate cancer now the second most common form of cancer seen in men in the U.S., the two organizations teamed up to spread awareness and inspire healthy action between men and their healthcare professionals. According to Paul […]

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Engagement to Outcomes

Over the past 25 years, PatientPoint has established themselves as a leader of patient and physician engagement solutions at the point of care. The company closed out 2016 on a high, with the launch of a new mobile app, PatientPoint 360, as well as the acquisition of MedCenterDisplay. This week, they kept the momentum rolling with […]

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Insurers seek to challenge millennial ‘invincibility’

Appealing to millennials is difficult enough for most industries, however the health insurance industry specifically struggles, as millennials feel invincible, and would rather diagnose themselves through Web MD than visit the doctor. Steve McCallion, CMO and creative director at Zoom+, recognizes this, and has developed a new approach to targeting millennials. McCallion says, “millennials are […]

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Uber partners with startup to take patients to the doctor

For those below the poverty line, the elderly and the disabled, often their ability to visit the doctor depends heavily on available transportation. A 2005 study revealed that an estimated 3.6 million people do not receive nonemergency care for this reason. Uber, the leading ride-sharing technology company recognized this problem, and collaborated with Circulation, a […]

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Remedy Health Media launches new series: a peek into patients’ lives

A few years back, Remedy Health Media launched a set of stories meant to help bring patients’ stories to life, following their “Live Bold, Live Now” platform. Today, the company pulled inspiration from the widespread popularity of “Humans of New York”, by launching two new initiatives looking to foster personal engagements with patients. Their new goal […]

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Marvel creates superheroes suffering from bowel disease for Takeda campaign

Pharma marketers and advertisers are posed daily with the challenge of portraying information about conditions that people do not talk about publically. In an attempt to unveil such conditions, Takeda launched “IBD Unmasked”, a global campaign aiming to raise awareness of IBD, a condition that affects five million people globally. The company are the first […]

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Pfizer Plans to Launch Remicade Biosimilar in November

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals that go off patent and immediately suffer from generic competition, biologic drugs on the other hand are not as easy to replicate. As a result, biotech companies maintain the market share for their drug much longer than chemically produced drugs. However, Pfizer is about to change the game, as they plan to […]

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Insulin Prices Soar While Drugmakers’ Share Stays Flat

Contrary to popular belief that soaring drug prices translates to growing wealth for manufacturers, the royalties within the insulin market are going directly to the middlemen. Also known as pharmacy-benefit managers (PBMs), their purpose in the market is to negotiate rebates and fees based on list prices. In light of the recent price increase of […]

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Promises and Pitfalls in Calculating Drug Value

Following the logic of value-based purchasing, drugs with promise of extending life and treating rare diseases should have a higher purchasing value than those with unclear clinical efficacy results and economic benefits. Sounds reasonable. However, what the healthcare system is lacking is a straightforward method of assessing which drugs are both efficacious and cost-conscious. To address […]

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Drug Compounding: Cause and Cure for High Drug Prices?

Commonly regarded as an ancient practice, drug compounding may be making a comeback as industry professionals are seeing it as an “essential antidote to spiraling drug prices”. However, high costs of compounding utilization cause a significant financial burden on commercial and government health plans. For this reason, many observers see both positives and negatives. As […]

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