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An Open Letter From DTC Perspectives Founder Bob Ehrlich on Marketing at the Point of Care

Dear Industry Member,

Patients are becoming more involved in treatment decisions. DTC advertising, higher co-pays, higher deductibles, less time with doctors, and the availability of health information have made patients into proactive consumers.

For this reason, we are debuting the “Point of Care Marketing Conference (” this fall.  We invite you to join us on November 6 – 7 at the Sofitel Hotel in Philadelphia.  This new conference will explore how drug, device, and other health care companies are marketing through point of care outlets. Physician offices, hospital outpatient facilities, clinics, and pharmacies are all used to deliver consumer messages, and there’s so much to learn with respect to this growing form of patient communication.

In addition, the conference will explore how the Affordable Care Act will expand the opportunities for marketing as more digital processes are used by providers. Electronic medical records, expanded online communications with patients, customized web based health education, and e-examinations will all offer advertising opportunities.

We believe point of care advertising will grow significantly over the next decade  and will create many new media companies who will offer providers ways to digitize and better serve consumers. Additionally, advertisers will need to learn how to maximize these opportunities.  This fall we are providing you with an opportunity to come learn from best-in-class speakers on these topics and network with other leaders in the field.

I look forward to exploring this dynamic aspect of DTC Marketing with you.

Bob Ehrlich
Founder and CEO
DTC Perspectives, Inc.

Bob Ehrlich
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at DTC Perspectives
Bob Ehrlich has over 20 years marketing experience in pharmaceutical and consumer products. Bob is the CEO of DTC Perspectives, Inc., a DTC services company founded in 2000. DTC Perspectives, Inc. developed the DTC National Conference, the largest DTC conference in the industry. DTC Perspectives, Inc. also publishes DTC Perspectives, a quarterly journal dedicated to DTC issues and practices. In addition DTC Perspectives, Inc. does DTC consulting for established and emerging companies, and provides DTC marketing plans for pharmaceutical companies.
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